Fruit Seller at Callao’s Minka Mercado

The Minka Mercado covers hundreds of acres, spotlessly clean in a very dangerous suburb of Lima known as the Port of Callao.

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  1. Cesar rojas

    Como quiera q el mercado es grande con muchos servicios, x favor como llegar al Mercado Minka para compra d tuberculos, verduras y frutas…..x dnd ingreso con mi vehiculo…y solo x curiosidad el mercado es Mayorista?….gracias


    1. kmalivuk Post author

      Hola Senor, como esta? Forgive my Spanish, I don’t get the chance to practice much, here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Mercado Minka is in Callao, the port city that borders Lima. I visited this amazing market with my Spanish teacher. We traveled by taxi from Miraflores in Lima. Because of general caution and because of the current political situation throughout PerĂº, I highly recommend that you visit with a guide. Thank you very much for your question. Karl Malivuk, Honolulu, January, 2023.


      1. Karl Malivuk

        And yes, this mercado is open for both retail and wholesale. A visit here can easily take most of one day, there are so many and various vendors displaying the most wonderful produce one can imagine!


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